Spring chickens and eggs!


Our hens free range on pasture.  They find lots of worms and bugs to enjoy as they clean up the pasture behind the milk cows.  We also feed them excess milk, whey from cheese making, and buttermilk that is a result of making our own butter.  They live the good life around here!

The hens lay their eggs in nest boxes in the egg sleigh that we pull around the pasture with the tractor.  They are closed up at dark to protect them from night time predators and sleep on the roosts shown below.  Then we let them out after morning milking just after dawn. Keeping hens in this way is some extra work but worth the effort for great tasting quality eggs.

If you would like to try our eggs, we sell direct from our farm.  Give us a call, email or text.  We will also be selling at the Columbus County Farmers Market this year.  Opening day is Saturday, May 12.  The market hours this year will be 8:00-1:00.  Hope to see you there!

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