Life on the Farm

Here’s light in your eye and mud on the dog and other such important stuff.

Did you know that contrary to popular belief and scientific data, that light turns?! It does. I’ll prove it. We spend a lot of time outside working, and it never fails no matter where I go, reflected sunlight is in my eyes. It reflects off of everything and that is impossible because in some locations there is no sunshine!!! Yet, there it is right in my eyes. It is amazing how many times a day this happens. It is really bad when I have to take off my shades and it strikes. Total amazement just grips me how it can happen. But! one evening a few weeks ago doing my last walk around before turning in I was checking on the cows and when I walked by the trough, it happened again, light reflecting in my eyes. This time though it was from a beautiful full moon. I stopped short to look further. Water rippled in the trough from a light breeze, and was so lovely. The soft glow did not hurt at all, but comforted my heart. I said “thank you Lord for the beauty”.

Our LGD a Pyrenees loves water, especially as it comes out of a hose. Where ever it is when he finds it, a hole appears…..a big hole. We knew Pyrenees liked to dig, but we did not know that they “loved” to dig. Nor did we know that their paws were the size of a small backhoe bucket and move just as much material. If his body grows into his feet, he may eventually be four feet tall at the back. Well when he starts to dig, mud flies, on him and anything or anybody near. Vacate the area quickly, which entices him to follow quickly! Today I headed for the house….Bad idea. As I was closing the door behind me there was this sweet little face trying to join me inside. When I stopped him he sat down and gave me the most pitiful look. Sorry Ben, I love you, but I love Mary Lynn much more!

We hope for you a very happy Fourth. Hug a Veteran, tell them thank you. If you have family who have served or are serving, as we do, thank you for supporting them and their families and loving them. We love ours.

And don’t burn the burgers!!!!

Until next time, take care.


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