Life on the Farm

I just got in from my last walk around and to close up the chickens. It’s beautiful out with the moon in a thin crescent in the west, Jupiter overhead with one moon visible through binoculars, and Saturn to the southeast appearing as an orange oval. There is a slight chill in the air, no not like fall, but nice after such a hot day. Not much wind blew, and I spent time in the tractor seat mowing pastures so the heat was magnified. Mowing helps to keep undesirable weeds down, while also encouraging grasses to grow. Plus it keeps the grass at a tender length the cows really enjoy. You can look at their pies and pretty much know how they are fairing. Clover and tender grass……they are doing right well!!!

Living on a farm and working it is nice. Like I told some neighbors Saturday, it is the hardest and the longest days in a job I have ever had, yet the one we love the most of all . There is nothing else we would rather do for a living. We see dark in the morning, and we see dark in the evening, and it is beautiful. Go out and take a look around, there is a lot to see.

Until next time, take care.



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