Farm Beginnings

We’ve been here on the farm full time for a year now.  We started with our first order of chicks last February and another in March.  They spent the summer on pasture and then the roosters were butchered and the hens started laying.  Our first Jersey cow (Minnie) arrived in April I have come to realize that I have a  fondness for Jersey cows.   Thankfully she was patient while we learned to milk her.  Two more Jerseys came to us in November (Holly and Rosey)…..and then we were milking three!

This is a very simplified overview of our first year.  And in coming posts we will tell individual stories and share experiences of times on the farm such as “how the chickens stole the garden” or “Minnie occupying the rooster house”.


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3 Responses to Farm Beginnings

  1. I found you on the internet as a raw milk distributor. Is that one of your goals?
    Do you know of anyone that sells raw milk?


    • mcgirtfarm says:

      We sell, according to North Carolina law, raw milk labeled “Not For Human Consumption”. It is in gallon milk jugs priced at $7.50/gallon. This quality pet milk is given utmost care in cleanliness and sanitation practices. We take good care of our Jersey girls and they give us great milk.


  2. Linda Calloway says:

    Beautiful Jersey girls.


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