Glimpses of Spring

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Spring has sprung for sure in the garden.  Mustard, collards, spinach and kale have really had a growth spurt this last week.  We got a late start with the fall planting so most of the greens were still very small when the freezing temperatures came.  They struggled all winter but are coming out pretty good now.   For our farm customers, greens will be available for sale this week.  The asparagus are just starting to poke their heads up.  We transplanted an 8 x 20 ft bed this winter to fill an area of 12 rows 50 ft long!  Looks like they survived the moving so hopefully we will have asparagus ready for customers pretty soon.  Stay tuned for more farm and homestead updates!

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Farm Beginnings

We’ve been here on the farm full time for a year now.  We started with our first order of chicks last February and another in March.  They spent the summer on pasture and then the roosters were butchered and the hens started laying.  Our first Jersey cow (Minnie) arrived in April I have come to realize that I have a  fondness for Jersey cows.   Thankfully she was patient while we learned to milk her.  Two more Jerseys came to us in November (Holly and Rosey)…..and then we were milking three!

This is a very simplified overview of our first year.  And in coming posts we will tell individual stories and share experiences of times on the farm such as “how the chickens stole the garden” or “Minnie occupying the rooster house”.


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